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New flavor coming soon!

Our goal has always been to provide an easy, convenient, real food bar that real athletes would love to consume. Our bars will always be high in grass fed protein, low in real sugar, and have some moderate amount of healthy fats. Our bars will never have more sugar than protein because that would be a candy bar, not a protein bar, nor will we ever have more fat than protein as many bars on the market have today. Finally, our bars will never contain sugar alcohols! 

Our original Cacao & Vanilla bar was developed with these principals in mind, and has been on the market since September. We are thrilled with how the fitness world has embraced this bar, and with how we have grown so rapidly as a result. It really is amazing that we could go literally from a dream to a thriving company in such a short period of time. 

So, this amazing growth has led us to the point were our fans are now asking for a second flavor.  Based on a very unscientific survey of Muscle Up Bar lovers, we have decided that our second flavor will be Peanut Butter Cup!

The base ingredients for this bar will be much the same as the base ingredients for the original bar, with grass-fed, pasture raised whey as the protein, and sweet potato, Mother Natures favorite, as the carb.

Macros goals will also remain much the same with 15g of protein, 15 net carbs, and only 8g of naturally occurring sugar.

Of course, we will continue to intentionally omit any and all ingredients that do not absolutely need to be in the bar, as well as any ingredients that we can not pronounce, or do not sound healthy and tasty to us. 

First prototype bar is due to arrive soon. We will keep you posted on our progress, and hopefully have a great new bar ready for you shortly.

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