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Muscle Up Protein Bars

What Makes Them the Best?

Filled with cacao nibs and chips, crunchy protein crisps, chocolate chips, creamy nut butters, and lots of other yummy ingredients
Natural ingredients, organics, no added colors and nothing you cannot pronounce!
Highly nutritious, promotes gut health, cancer fighting antioxidants, supports healthy vision, anti-inflammatory, aids heart health, brain fuel
Whenever possible, we source whey from cows that are free to graze the fields and eat naturally grown grass, are humanely produced, and environmentally sustainable. This means more Omega-3 fatty acids, higher levels of vitamin A and E, and metabolism-boosting. Grass-fed whey is used substantially in our protein bars.
No digestive woes from added sweeteners ending in "ol" or bad aftertaste
FDA compliant gluten-free, no soy containing ingredients

Meet Our Team

Muscle Up Bar Team Members

Tony Leonardi


Lori Aleks


Nicki Hoberman

Senior Nutritionist


What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Muscle-up bars are by far our top selling retail product. We literally have members who buy 1-2 boxes a week. I was skeptical about adding "another protein" bar to our store since RxBars had always done well for us. After tasting the difference it was a no brainer, the fact that they have more protein than sugar was an added bonus. These bars are one of a kind, our coaches and community absolutely love them and anytime I know I'll be away from the gym I make sure to pack a few for the trip."

Dan Gallagher - CrossFit Strongtown

Absolutely awesome bars!!

Armin W. - owner Udofit

High Quality Protein and Excellent Taste I really enjoy the taste of these bars. While they are not quite as high in protein as some other options on the market, they fell cleaner to me and I never have the bloating or digestive issues that Whey-based products sometimes cause.

John E. - Cary, NC

Great product and great customer service Highly recommend these bars! They are very tasty and are perfect if you are trying to eat “clean” as they have minimal ingredients unlike most protein bars. Customer service is also amazing! When I got my shipment, there was a hand written note from the owners thanking me for my business! I will definitely be ordering more!

Sarah M.

Best Protein Bar Ever! These are the ONLY protein bar I will eat! They are super delicious!

Kristine H.

Great product Overall very tasty, sweetness is super natural and consistency is superb.

David S.

My go to snack! Love them probably a little too much!!!!

Tracy F.

Just what I was hoping. Just what I was hoping. Had these bars at the AO series in Daytona, wanted to support the business, also truly loved the texture, collagen and taste of these bars.

Gwen P.