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More Protein or More Sugar? That is the question!

Our Peanut Butter bar has been out for a few months now, and its been received with great success in the fitness community!

The key to the success of Muscle Up Bars is pretty simple. We strive to make a protein bar that has more protein than sugar, with no chemicals or sugar alcohols; imagine that! In fact, all of our bars have and will continue to have 2 times as much protein as sugar in every bar. 15 grams of grass fed whey protein versus 7 grams of sugar in the PB bar and 8 grams in the Original bar, and never any sugar alcohols!

We knew that this ratio was important to us as we began this journey into the super saturate bar world, but little did we know that this would be so revolutionary!

In fact, the more we research the other bar companies, the more surprised we are. It seems as though every bar we research either has more sugar than protein (it that really a protein bar? or is it a candy bar?) OR the bars are loaded with sugar alcohols, stevia and the like! Ugh, so gross!

So how did we manage to produce protein bars with 2x more protein than sugar, no sugar alcohols, no stevia, and make them taste so darn good? I'll tell you the secret, if you promise not to tell anyone else......our secret ingredient comes from mother nature, in fact, its her most favorite carb....sweet potato! Yes, the sweet potato in our bars helps give our bars that pleasant natural sweetness while keeping the sugars low and steering clear of those nasty sugar alcohols and stevia!

So, if you're in the market for a real, clean, no compromise PROTEIN BAR, look no further. I'm happy to tell you that you've found it right here!


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10:33 Monday.25 November 2019

These really are the best bars on the market. So happy to see you guys blogging, too!

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