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Show me the Whey! (The way to chose the best whey)

In our earlier blog post we discussed why we use whey as the protein of choice in our bars (versus egg white, soy, etc.) Whey protein is the clear choice for athletes that train hard and need quality protein supplementation.

In this blog, we would like to look a bit deeper into the types of whey protein to help you understand how to chose the best whey for your body. Not all whey is the same!

When picking a whey protein, Food suggest the following:

  • Grass-fed, pasture raised whey, not grain fed, pesticide treated, factory raised cows' whey. This should be obvious, as the all-natural, pasture raised cows are going to produce a superior whey protein, with impressive amino acid and immuno-supportive nutrient profile, and a whey that is rich in healthy fats.
  • Non-GMO, unless you enjoy eating foods that have been genetically modified
  • Concentrate, not Isolate

Protein isolates are proteins stripped away from their nutritional cofactors. There are three problems with that:

  • All isolates are exposed to acid processing.
  • Your body cannot assimilate proteins in isolated form.
  • Due to over-processing, isolates are deficient in key amino acids and nutritional cofactors

Again, we encourage everyone to pay close attention to the nutrition labels on the foods you eat, especially on the packaged foods such as protein bars.

Muscle Up Bars are, and will always be, made with Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Whey Protein Concentrate.

Can your bar say the same?

Please check out this link for the full article "Not All Whey Protein Is Created Equal"

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