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New Collagen Protein Bar!

We are super excited to announce the arrival of our third bar, and our first bar made with collagen protein, the Double Chocolate Espresso, Collagen Protein Muscle Up Bar! Wooooooohoooooo!

This bars has been in the making for over a year, with 17 different iterations of the recipe, and we believe that we finally have in nailed! This will be the best tasting, best texture collage protein bar on the market! 

If you're used to dry, brittle, and tasteless or sticky and gooey collagen bar, fear not, you now have a bar that you'll love!

So, many are asking, why did we decide to make a collagen protein bar after making our first two bars from grass fed whey protein? Well, this story actually started in 2016.......

Tony was training really hard in an attempt to qualify for the Crossfit Games in 2016. He finished the Open ranked #20 in the world in his age group, in a nice position going into the qualifier. Unfortunately, his hip was not cooperating with him due to the beating it took in the open round.

In an attempt to recover in time for the qualifier, he started researching natural cures for joint recovery, and discovered collagen protein in the process. He has included collage protein in his diet every since and had been very happy with the results.

So what is collage protein, and why should we include it in our daily routine?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It gives structure and elasticity to our skin, hair, nails, and joints. It helps us move better, and it helps us feel better.

According to HLP Healthy Living Protein LLC, one of our favorite collagen powder brands, collage protein delivers the following benefits:

- Collagen has a healing effect on the body inside and out.

- Helps support the natural healing of bones, joints, skin, tendons, nails and hair.
According to

"Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, accounting for about a third of its protein composition.

It's one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Collagen is also found in many other body parts, including blood vessels, corneas and teeth.

You can think of it as the "glue" that holds all these things together. In fact, the word comes from the Greek word "kólla," which means glue."

Finally, I would suggest that you read this article from WebMD

In short, collagen is an essential protein that we should include in our daily routine, especially as we age.

Muscle Up Bars Double Chocolate Espresso Collagen Protein Bar will be available nationwide by Jan 1, 2019.


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