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First post - Pre Launch

April 1, 2016

I had a dream one night, a few months back. I dreamt that I was in my kitchen, mixing some protein powder into a bowl of mashed sweet potatoes. Ya, I know, sometimes I have strange dreams! Well, this idea followed me around for a few days, until I had to give it a try. I mixed some protein into a nice hot bowl of mashed sweet potatoes, added some almond meal for fun, baked them, cut them into bars and dipped them in dark chocolate. Much to my surprise, they were delicious! Even my kids liked them! Maybe I was on to something.

I threw together a second batch and brought them over to my local crossfit gym to see what kind of reaction I’d get out of these athletes who follow fairly strict diets. Again, great reaction! They loved them! Maybe I am on to something.

One thing that I know for sure is that when I finish a tough workout, there’s nothing that I crave more than a grass fed steak and a baked sweet potato. I also know that a lot of my athletic friends feel the same way!

I did a little market research. Much to my surprise, I had a very difficult time finding a grass fed whey protein bar, and certainly did not find any bars made with sweet potato. How can this be? The two things that I crave after a workout are not available together in a convenient bar.

A few months have passed, and we are on the verge of launching a new brand ; Muscle Up Bars. We are so excited about this venture, not only for what we decided to put into the bar, but as importantly, what we intentionally choose to leave out of the bar. These bars are not high in fat content, and they are not loaded with sugar! We took out all of the artificial sweeteners and chemicals, and eliminated all ingredients that we couldn’t pronounce! We used as many organic, non-GMO ingredients as we could and we kept the ingredients list as short as possible.

The result is a bar that is really good for you, one that I’m most comfortable having my kids eat, and one that is really, really tasty!

Thank you to all of our early supporters, those who helped in the taste testing, and everyone who signed up their emails in the pre-launch. We hope to make everyone proud, and healthy!


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