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Protein Bar Comparison

After a long day in the office, knowing that we have a tough night of training ahead of us, we need to grab a quick, convenient and healthy snack to provide us with the fuel that we need to perform at our best. Time after time, I would stop on my way to the gym to "grab something to eat" and time after time, I was disappointed in the options available. It was this disappointment that lead us to develop 'The Original' Muscle Up Bar; a bar that wouldn't disappoint!

Using the specifications in the chart below, we were able to develop a bar that met our expectations and tasted great at the same time. See how your bar compares.

Nutritional data obtained 8/12/16 as posted on manufacturer websites Muscle Up Bar
Cacao & Vanilla
65g & 230 Calories
Quest Bar
Cookies & Cream
60g & 190 Calories
Perfect Bar
Almond Butter
65g & 310 Calories
RX Bar
52g & 210 Calories
Progenex Bar
PB Caramel Crunch
55g & 240 Calories
Grass Fed or Farm Raised Protein Yes No Dried whole egg powder & rice protein Egg whites No
Protein 15g 21g 13g 12g 14g
Sugar 8g <1g 18g 15g 11g
Fat 8g 9g 18g 9g 12g
Net Carbs 15g 4g 20g 19g 18g
Sugar Alcohols No Erythritol* No No No
MCT Oil Yes No No No No
Steviol Glycosides No Yes No No Yes
Additional Ingredients Sweet potato, and lots of organics

Palm oil, dextrin, calcium, carbonate, lecithin, sucralose, xantham gum, and baking soda

Lots of organics Dates, figs, blueberry oil Lecithin, glycerine, conjugated linoleic acid powder, corn syrup solids, sodium caseubatem silicon dioxide, dipotassium, phosphate, mixed locopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, soy lecithin, etc.

*This product contains sugar alcohols, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, excessive consumption ma have a laxative effect.