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Muscle Up Bar, the original sweet potato protein bar,  was developed by a pair of masters athletes who couldn't find an existing protein bar on the market that included the two most essential elements in their diet: grass fed, pasture raised protein and sweet potatoes. 
 “We developed our own recipe in the kitchen, mixing in some of our favorite ingredients. The result was surprisingly delicious! Not only did we find the bars tasty, our friends and fellow athletes in the gym loved them too!"
 "Muscle Up Bars are the only protein bars available today that are made with grass fed, pasture raised whey protein and sweet potato. They are low in sugar and have a great balance of carbs and protein, to fuel your workouts. Enjoy as a pre-workout bar, a post-workout protein boost, or simply as a snack!”
 The Original Muscle Up Bar was designed by real athletes, for real athletes, using real ingredients:
Grass Fed, Pasture Raised Whey
Sweet Potato - mother natures favorite source of carbs
2x More Protein than Sugar in every Bar!
15 grams of Protein
8 grams of Sugar - Original
7 grams of Sugar - Peanut Butter
15 grams Net Carbs
Organic Cacao
Organic Vanilla
Organic Almond Butter
    “We are just as passionate about the ingredients that we intentionally excluded.” Unlike many other popular bars on the market, The Original Muscle Up Bar contains:
    No Erythritol
    No Sucralose
    No Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)
    No Sugar Alcohols
    No Dextrin
    No Xanthan Gum
    No Cellulose Gum
    No Calcium Carbonate
    No Glycerine
    No Maltitol
    No Malto Dextrin
    No Corn Syrup
    No Inulin Powder
    No Soy Lecithin
    No Soy Protein
    No Soy Flour
    No Junk!
    Nothing that you can't pronounce!
      25% of profits will fund needs based scholarships for students studying Fitness or Exercise Sciences. For more information, please see Our Story page.