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What is MCT Oil?

Posted by Tony Leonardi on

Over the past months, as we were developing the recipe for our bars, I was hearing some interesting tidbits about MCT Oil, and I was noticing that many of the top athletes in my gym were using MCT Oil as a supplement, so I decided to research the topic myself before adding this into our bars.

I found the following discussion from unbiased and very helpful. 

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is an easily digestible oil that occurs naturally in coconut and palm kernel oils.

What are Medium-Chain Triglycerides?

Medium-chain triglycerides (or MCTs for short) are made up of medium-chain fatty acids. The “medium” refers to the length of their chemical structure

What are the Benefits of MCTs?

MCTs are very easy for the body to break down and use as energy. Think of long-chain fats as being like a whole piece of fruit and MCTs as being like a smoothie. If you eat the whole fruit, you have to put in a lot of effort chewing, but the smoothie you can just slurp right up almost without noticing. In your digestive system, MCTs are a little bit like that smoothie.

How Mct Oil Works

MCT oil does not travel through the lymphatic system like other oils; it goes directly to the liver to be metabolized and released as energy. MCT oil acts like a carbohydrate (fuel for the body) to provide the necessary energy and calories, but not fat that can be stored by the body.

Bodybuilders and MCT Oil

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts benefit from MCT oil's unique properties in that the oil can help with weight gain (muscle mass) and weight loss. MCT oil offers fat-burning energy and burns three times more than other fats. This fat-burning effect can last up to six hours after MCT oil is used.

Conditions that Benefit from MCT Oil

MCT oil promotes intestinal health by ridding the body of troublesome microorganisms that cause chronic inflammation such as Crohn's disease or irritable bowel syndrome. MCT oil also helps diabetics because it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Other problems MCT oil can help relieve are cystic fibrosis, obesity and fat malabsorption.

Hospitals and MCT Oil

Hospitals use MCT oil (more commonly known as coconut oil) in the feeding of patients intravenously from the very young or the critically ill. MCT oil is a part of the feeding formula that helps the patient regain strength.

WOW! With all of those amazing, healthy, positive properties found in MCT, it was an easy decision for us to INCLUDE this super oil in our bars.  Adding MCT Oil to our bars, along with the grass fed, pasture raised whey and the sweet potato, has really made our bar stand out in the fitness community! 

Give them a try! You will love them too!


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